O Πάνας & η Σκοτεινή Μαγεία του Χάους  

Panparadox: Το Μυστικό Βιβλίο του Παν
Εκδ.: Ixaxaar Σελ.: 198

Anti-cosmic and Chaos-gnostic mysticism around the misrepresented contemptuous god. Pan, the untamed beast in demon-shape, which strolls restless around our woods and mountains, or rather, coils, levitating through our filthy cosmic galaxies, as a burning dragon, laughing relentlessly at the creation of cosmos.
Pan is the one who ignites the torch of Lucifer, which brings forth the black flame. Pan is the one who creeps up behind, sprinkling gasoline on one´s back and flicks sparkling matches at you. Not because for the fact that he hates you, but just to get your attention… to get you to wake up and for once, take your existence or subsistence seriously. When you have succeeded with that, then your work as a magician can start – a magician who imposes masterwork in black Chaos magic. For this is what black Chaos magic essentially is all about, to feed one´s inner, develop and to transcendent into Chaos. Whether Chaos exists in one´s mind, or beyond cosmos is irrelevant at this moment, what is important is one´s awareness as a Chaotic individual, a human in black magical possession.
Some of the contents: A historical & mythological narration on Pan, Pan Towards Chaos, Paradoxical Panic essence, PanAgoceros, Loki, Lucifer, Panic entities, Grimalkin, Baphomet, Præmeditatio ritus panos, Correspondences of Pan, Ritus Panos, Panic ritual area & tools, Pan pæanis, Pan ritual.

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