The Octavo: το Νέο Βιβλίο του Peter Carroll  

The Octavo: A Sorceror-Scientist’s Grimoire
Peter J. Carroll
Εκδ: Mandrake
Σελ: 184

In late February 2010, Stokastikos (Peter Carroll) published in his web site (Specularium) the following announcement...

The Goddess Apophenia has commanded me to write a further book; furthermore She wants it called The Octavo. Her reasons for this seem numerous, and in some cases para-logical.
Any great truth should also bring forth laughter, although the converse does not always apply.
She wants it called The Octavo in honour of Her priest Terry Pratchett who brought us the concept of Octarine and who has obviously channelled something far closer to the magical truth and far more amusing than that milquetoast paranoid H.P. Lovecraft.
We already have far too many fake, nasty, and useless Necronomicons around, a real Octavo that actually worked would make a nice change.
She says that She has, over the years, already shown me five and a half of the Eight Spells which underlie the meta-magical-hyper-physics of this universe, (everything comes in eights apparently), in the form of various equations. And if I behave myself I'll get the other two and a half.
The Octavo will thus consist of Eight Chapters, each one an exegesis upon one of the Eight Spells used to construct this reality.
«Octavo» just means «Book» apparently.
I don't know who or what made me call my first book Liber Null, «Book Nothing», but now it seems my doom to write «The Book», perhaps that means my last one after a lifetime's quest.
Anyway, I now seem to have some years of toil ahead punctuated by many and varied epiphanies and dark nights of the soul.

Well, almost a year has passed and now, The Octavo is finally published.

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σχόλιο από Facebook

Fotis Mpaltoumas
Ένα είναι σίγουρο: ο Carroll κουβαλά πολλή παλαβομάρα μέσα του...
ανυπομονώ να το διαβάσω.

3 December 2010 at 01:34

well... οι γνώσεις μου στα μαθηματικά και την φυσική υστερούν, αλλά νομίζω πως είναι γενική ομολογία πως όσο περνάνε τα χρόνια, τα έργα του γίνονται πιο δυσνόητα!

3 December 2010 at 01:35

σχόλιο από Facebook

Andrew Athan
Μου άρεσε το σχόλιο όπως το εξέφρασε σε ένα σημείο, "...And if I behave myself I'll get the other two and a half." χαχαχα
Διαβάστε μια συνέντευξή του εδώ:
Δεν γνωρίζω τι ακριβώς μπορεί να έχει σπουδάσει στην ζωή του, αλλά δείχνει από την πρώτη στιγμή όταν τον μελετήσει κανείς ότι πρόκειται για αρκετά μορφωμένο άτομο και με εκτεταμένη αντίληψη!

3 December 2010 at 01:35

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